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Lobster is best eaten fresh, and they are normally purchased live. Restaurants that serve lobster keep a tank of the live creatures, often allowing patrons to pick their own.

The shell of the lobster makes eating them a slow process, requiring a number of implements but once you dip it in some delicous butter, oh boy was all that peeling worth it! The majority of the meat is in the tail and the two front claws, but smaller quantities can be found in the legs and torso. Lobsters are often eaten plain, or with butter, lemon juice or white vinegar.

Lobster can also be cut up and used in a wide array of dishes. One popular way of serving lobster was to combine it with steak in what became known by the 1960s as surf and turf.

Lobster is most commonly cooked by placing a live whole lobster in a pot of boiling water. Some consider this method cruel, and a more humane way of killing them is by inserting a knife into the back of their head and slicing downward.

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