Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments

Many men with prostate cancer want to learn all they can about their disease, their treatment choices, and the possible side effects of treatment, so they can take an active part in decisions about their medical care.

Prostate cancer can be managed in a number of ways (with watchful waiting, surgery, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy). If the doctor recommends watchful waiting, the man’s health will be monitored closely, and he will be treated only if symptoms occur or worsen. Patients considering surgery, radiation therapy, or hormonal therapy may want to consult doctors who specialize in these types of treatment.

Alternative Treatments for prostate cancer include:

* Angiostatic-based treatments – anti-angiogenesis (angiostatic) agent endostatin and related chemicals can suppress the building of blood vessels, preventing the cancer from growing indefinitely.

* Bacterial treatments – researchers have been using anaerobic bacteria, such as Clostridium novyi, to consume the interior of oxygen-poor tumours. This starves the tumour.

* Gene therapy – tumor suppressor genes slow down or arrest tumor growth, and .the introduction of enzymes into these cells that make them susceptible to particular chemotherapy agents.

* Telomerase therapy – most malignant cells rely on the activity of the protein telomerase for their immortality, so telomerase therapy inactivates telomerase, making malignant cells die.

* Thermal therapy – localized application of heat has been proprosed as a technique for the treatment of malignant tumours. Intense heating will cause denaturation and coagulation of cellular proteins, rapidly killing cells within a tumour.

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